Shelford & Stapleford Youth Initiative

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    Jon Sanders

    Lead Youth Development Worker

    Jon Sanders works for Romsey Mill and manages the SSYI youth work team and oversees the work that they do. Jon has many years experience in youth work and helps SSYI to run successful and professional youth clubs. Jon loves football and is always keen for a kick about with the youth.

    Zac Britton

    Youth Worker

    Zac started with SSYI in September 2016 and is also the Youth Worker for St. Andrews. He has a real passion for relational youth ministry and has great relationships with many of our young people. Zac leads many of our groups with the support of Tina and Charlie and management from Jon Sanders. He has fantastic experience in working in a residential setting and Youth Skate Parks. His mode of transport is definitely the skateboard and certainly likes anything that involves risk and adrenaline. Look out for him gliding through the villages!

    Charlie Trueblood

    Youth Worker

    Charlie is the newest member of our team and definitely wins the award for the coolest name! She is leading the Girls work that we run, doing multiple 1:1’s and supporting the team with our Friday groups. Charlie has a real passion for young people and is a very relaxed and approachable person.

    Tina Mogg

    Youth Worker

    Tina supports the delivery of our youth work and runs our younger Friday group alongside Charlie. She is from a family of youth workers and she has a natural ability to engage with young people and makes everyone feel loved and special. She is also incredible at getting a bargain!

    David Jones

    Chair of Trustees

    David is our chair of trutees. He keeps all of us accountable and busy! David lives in Little Shelford and is an active community member. You may come across David in various capacities around the local area.


    You may contact David via

    John Greaves


    John is our treasurer and he makes sure we are making the most of the resources we have. Nothing excites him more than than a graph and a calculator! John lives in Great Shelford and loves looking for the next big thing! 


    You may contact John via

    Polly Stanton


    Polly is our adminstrator and she ensures the smooth running of SSYI. She lives in Great Shelford and she is the fountatin of all local knowledge and anything she doesn't know is not worth knowing!


    You may contact Polly via

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