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Here at SSYI we usually run a number of trips throughout the year. Although these are great fun, that's not the only reason we run them. They are great opportunities to build stronger relationships with and between our young people.

We have been on trips to trampoline parks, indoor skate parks, to the beach and theme parks. We try to ensure that our trips are always affordable and offer support to those in financial need.



Residential trips are so valuable within youth work, they allow us to invest in our young people over a couple of days, build strong and meaningful relationships and offer our young people opportunities that they wouldn't otherwise have.

Every summer we run a 3-4 day residential, often including outdoor and team building activities. Encouraging our young people to work together, learn new skills and step outside of their comfort zone. This is heavily subsidised to allow all our young people to attend if they would like. Some of our young people pay nothing to come along. Funding for this comes from local charities, churches, councils and individuals for which we are so grateful.

“(I enjoyed) Everything; wouldn’t change it” A quote from our 2019 residential.

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