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The Sawston Fun Run

On Sunday the 4th of October 100 people took part in the Sawston Fun Run, a 7.4km route starting and ending at Sawston Village College. SSYI had a team of 5 runners involved and we managed to raise around £1000 for the Sawston Rotary Club. This year we are one of their beneficiaries and we are so grateful for their support.

It was a bit of a miserable morning, with constant light rain but we all managed to complete the route. Our team consisted of Zac Britton our Lead Youth Worker, John Greaves our Treasurer, Clive a member of our Committee and Chloe and Louise who are members of SSYI. We are so grateful for your cheers of support while we where running!

It was a great event and in spite of the current pandemic really showed the community spirit of Sawston.



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